Wednesday, March 11, 2009

exercising my perogative

Earlier in the week I suggested making Avigdor Lieberman the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs was a venture in rank diplomatic stupidity. Since I committed myself to post, I have undergone somewhat of a change of mind. While I still do believe Lieberman will cause further upheaval and chaos in Israel’s relationships with most western nations, in retrospect, a case can be made for him being immune to outside pressure. He certainly won’t be busy trying to ingratiate himself with the US Administration unlike a rather frighteningly large number of his predecessors, and when interests collide, it will be most difficult to convince him to put American interests before Israeli ones.

It seems to me, it might be prudent for Israel to change spheres of influence or at least actively pursue relationships with governments which often lie outside American/European influence. Lieberman could prove invaluable in developing a relationship with Russia, and Russia has a far better record of taking care of their friends and allies than some others I could mention. Not only that, but Russia does have friends, allies and much influence among the neighbors while American’s brand is decidedly poor in that regard. Did I mention Russia also has a veto in the UN Security Council?

So - Go Lieberman.

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