Friday, March 06, 2009

Can we please dump the Red Dog now?

Since the voters of Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock did. Toronto Star.
LINDSAY–Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory suffered a stunning defeat in a cottage-country byelection tonight. Tory conceded defeat as votes were being counted in the sprawling riding of Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock.
And this from a ‘safe-seat’ but as far as a ‘stunning defeat’ narrative goes - it was only stunning to John Tory and his small group of supporters. I suspect the majority of Ontario conservatives took it as a given as long as Tory was running in any riding.

This is what I wrote back in December:
John Tory is simply the manifestation of all the ills of the conservative party in Ontario and not the cure. Drop this red dog, and come up with a truly conservative party platform to draw conservative voters like me back into the fold. Until then, I hope you enjoy your stay in electoral perdition.
Anyway, apparently Tory will now - finally tender his resignation.

This is what I wrote during the last provincial election and I offer it as a guideline to those conservative delegates who may be voting to elect a new conservative leader sometime in the near future:

I didn’t vote for John Tory when he was running for mayor of Toronto (or David Miller - ever). In fact, most people in Toronto didn’t vote for John Tory for mayor of Toronto which is why he is not mayor of Toronto.

Be that as it may, the Ontario Progressive Conservative party decided to vote him as party leader. Maybe they figured he needed a consolation prize after losing the election to be the mayor of the centre of the universe.

I said at the time it was a mistake. I grumbled, I groaned, but I was poohed-poohed all around by conservatives. Let him show his true nettle in the legislature I was told. I would be impressed…then he voted for a huge salary increase….I’m still waiting to be impressed. No doubt I will go to my grave waiting to be impressed by John Tory.

People vote for conservative leaders when conservatives elect conservatives to lead them and not when conservatives elect liberal lites to lead them. It is patently dishonest and no one likes to be fooled. This is why John Tory, for all his crying on the back of the bus will not be premier of the province come October 11th.

Allegedly, I am a conservative but I am not a good party girl. I wouldn’t even join the Blogging Tories. This is probably just as well as I probably would have been turfed out quicker than BEAJ was cast out of the BT forum. Actually, I would vote for the NDP if Baroness Thatcher crossed the ocean to lead them. I have to admit that the federal conservatives are disappointing me too. This move to the centre is alienating me big time and my vote cannot be counted on next time round.
Take my two cents for whatever you consider it's worth but do not claim you have not been warned.

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