Thursday, September 11, 2008

Politics as a Blood vs. Bored Sport

So the big huff and cry is over and Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, will be allowed to crowd the platform in the televised Canadian election leadership debates but the real question becomes - who will bother watching when the choice is between four lefties and a token Tory versus watching the US Biden-Palin VP debate?

Colour me whatever, but I prefer my politics as a blood vs. bored sport. And since we are now so all-inclusive – throw in the Marijuana Party and I might tape it for later viewing, if and when, I have nothing better to do.

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beachnut said...

lol, I almost agree, Kateland!
I'm actually feeling very apathetic towards this vote.
Y'know, really?, Again?
I just want a gov't that goes to work.
It seems that PMSH does a good job,(IMO), and if the opposition wouldn't support him, then FINE, an election.
Maybe w/ the US election that drags on for months (years?) it seems that ours is insignificant.
We've been to the polls alot in the last 4 years
Fixing a leaky boat, I guess.