Monday, September 08, 2008

Obligatory Canada Election Post

Canadians are to go to the polls on October 14th, and frankly, my biggest worry is staying awake long enough to vote. I freely admit to a general apathy with the whole process this time round so I really don’t know any of the issues – burning or otherwise. If there really are any pressing issues outside of the Conservatives grabbing the brass ring it escapes me. I suspect the timing of the election represents the best chance for Harper’s conservatives to make some serious in-roads into La Belle Province. Once again, Quebec’s distinctness, trumps all else – well, la de dah. And no, getting the Green Shaft does not rank in my book with an issue – rather it’s a non-issue as in thanks but no thanks.

Since I live in Toronto-Centre aka Bob Rae country, I doubt there will be any serious challenge so my vote will simply represent another $1.75 to add to the lucky party’s coffers. I really wish we could take a page out of the old days when Canadian politicians used to buy your vote with drinks come Election Day. Some how it just seems so much more honest and democratic than today and at least you could count on getting your money’s worth providing you were up to the challenge.


shlemazl said...

Kind of share your feelings. Harper has been good on foreign policy and the military, but has not addressed any of my priorities on economy (to simplify taxation, take on the unions and allow private health service).

Still, he was running a minority parliament and I feel he's done enough.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Actually, I am starting to feel Harper is a liberal in tory clothing.