Thursday, September 04, 2008

Down and out in the Gaza Strip

Let’s just file this under “I hope she brought her Burqa”.

The Jerusalem Post:
The sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday that Israel and Egypt have prevented her from leaving the Gaza Strip, more than a week after she entered the territory in defiance of the blockade.

Lauren Booth said she has been trying to leave Gaza since Friday, but was turned away at Israeli and Egyptian border crossings. Booth was among 46 pro-Palestinian international activists with the Free Gaza Movement who sailed into Gaza waters on August 23 to draw attention to Israel's blockade, which has prevented the area's 1.4 million Palestinians from traveling abroad and crippled the local economy.

Most of the protesters left Gaza on the same boats last Thursday and sailed to Cyprus, but Booth and several other activists chose to remain behind to do human rights work. Booth said she has turned to British diplomats in the region to get her out of Gaza. "High- level diplomatic maneuvering is going on when none should be needed," she said.

Booth is right. High-level diplomatic maneuvering would not have to be going on if she would only settle for protesting in front of the Israeli Consulate offices in London, and then, she would still be able to make it home for tea time. Now one has to wonder how long before someone in the Gaza Strip decides she has innate kidnapping potential and decides to ransom her back to the British.

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