Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Liberal War Room - punching way above their pay grade

This is what the famous "liberal' political war room is now reduced to producing under Stéphane Dion's leadership:
OTTAWA — Nearly half of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's 2003 speech urging Canada to send troops into Iraq was copied word-for-word from then Australian prime minister John Howard, Liberal MP Bob Rae charged this morning.

Mr. Rae said the copied speech is damning evidence of the fact Canada is losing its own voice in foreign policy under a Conservative government. The country has become a parrot of right-wing interests from the U.S. and other foreign countries under Harper's Conservatives, Mr. Rae said.

I'm conflicted, I cannot figure out which is worse – that this is the best dirt the Liberal party could come up with or the fact it took the Liberals half a decade to come up with this. And isn't it a good thing the Liberals choose Bob Rae to present this particularly damning evidence - otherwise, we might all be thinking Dion suggested the government immediately pull Canadian troops out of Iraq as in "RIGHT NOW!"

I cannot wait to learn what the Liberal party war room has cooked up for tomorrow. May be we will be treated to the number of classes Stephen Harper missed in secondary school or how many detentions he managed to score in his early academic years. At this rate, who can tell? There might even be pictures of Stephen Harper kissing a woman who most definitely not his wife - circa 1980.


A speech writer has been forced to resign and is now out of a job. Way to go Bob! Only another 33,390,140 million more Canadians to render jobless.


shlemazl said...

Oh, come on, give them a break. Libs did very well to address the issue in record timeframe. At this rate they'll start talking about the financial turmoil by 2020.

Anonymous said...

The writer should have just said 'yup, i plagiarized it because it was a good speech' - and then he should get sacked for not actually writing, which is kinda what he was being paid to do even if it is a sort of government job.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Shlemazl, do you know what happens when the Liberals get a break?

They start re-running the Harper=Bush ads with the 'soldiers in our streets' motiff.




Just once I would like to see an election in Canada in which Liberals and the left did not invoke anti-Americanism or use anti-Americanism as a guise for Canadian patriotism.

It almost makes me wish for an Obama presidency just so I can watch those same Liberal/left people turn and claim Harper=Obama. Take a moment and think of the ad potential there.