Monday, September 15, 2008

The ipod meme

James Bow invited me to post what “Rock Essentials” I play on my iPod. It is one of those touchy-feelie exercises designed to show the softer side and humanize political bloggers from both sides of the spectrum. Don’t mistake my snarky tone, as I think I was hardwired as a contrarian and skeptic at birth, but bless James for trying - for it is written by Rabbi Hillel,
" Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace; be one who loves others and draws them near to the Torah (Talmud - Avot 1:12 )

Of course, I am not sure James is actively trying to be a disciple of Aaron or drawing anyone nearer to living a Torah life but I will give him part marks for trying to live out the peace thingy.

Right from the get-go I run into trouble with the musical bridge building exercise. I do not always have a great deal of ‘rock essentials’ and what plays on my iPod is entirely dependently on what my current mood is. My musical tastes runs from flamaneco guitar to opera, to the songs from my childhood by Edith Piaf or the sounds of Zigani violinists telling tales of loss and longing, to R& B to Friday Night Blues & Beer. In fact, Friday Night Blues & Beer is a weekly staple and I do subscribe to Darcey’s list via iTunes. Although, there are two songs which might be classified as ‘rock essentials’ and Zionist which I am, these two songs have always made the cut on my weekly iPod play list since their release. Both are by Matisyahu:

Jerusalem – Matisyahu

Lyrical highlight:
We've been traveling from state to state
And them don't understand what they say
3,000 years with no place to be
And they want me to give up my milk and honey
Don't you see, it's not about the land or the sea
Not the country but the dwelling of his majesty

And if I find a video for Matisyahu’s What I am fighting for I will post it.

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