Monday, September 08, 2008

Asymmetric Warfare Meets Facebook

And just when you thought you have finally modified your Facebook identity enough to keep it safe from the potentially prying eyes of your employer, Arutz Sheva posts this story:
( According to the intelligence community in Israel, Hizbullah terrorists are becoming increasingly computer savvy, using Facebook to learn more about IDF soldiers, potential targets for kidnappings.

Yeshiva World News reported that IDF intelligence officials are concerned that soldiers may unwittingly give the enemy information through social networking sites or even arrange to meet an internet companion who is in fact a terrorist. The IDF has undertaken an aggressive awareness campaign for soldiers, instructing them to be careful regarding what information they may reveal, cautioning and instructing them not to reveal the name of the branch of the service in which they serve, unit details et cetera. This is especially true of soldiers serving in the air force, intelligence, and elite combat units.

One military intelligence official explained that Facebook has become a major resource for terrorists seeking to gather information on soldiers and IDF units.
Other concerns including meetings arranged via Facebook in which soldiers remain unaware of the true identity of terrorists, befriending them and then revealing classified information that will be used to harm soldiers in the future. A soldier who serves in an intelligence unit was recently sentenced to 19 days in a military jail for posting a photo of his base on Facebook.

Hezbollah may long for the return of a low tech kind of living but obviously there is a whole level of technological nuisance to the nefarious buggers.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

It's not for nothing that I avoid Facebook and such like a plague then.