Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obligatory Election Post – Sept 9th.

I am just not feeling the outrage that Green party leader Elizabeth May has been excluded from the televised leadership debates.

If anything, I feel relief, as those debates are going to be mind numbingly boring as it is, and including the leader of a fringe party for the sake of ‘fairness’ just ups the boring factor exponentially. Yes, any political party which can only garner 664,000 votes in a country of 36 million is fringe. For all you fairness fanatics, why stop at May’s inclusion? Why not include the leader of the Marijuana Party? If May is included, there simply is no reason to exclude the Communists, Marxist-Leninist or Libertarian party either.

But for heaven’s sake, can someone convince Tin Ear Dion to speak French in the English language debates. He may have a tin ear for English but his ability to communicate in French is more than a little passable and not half as tortuous.

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shlemazl said...

Exactly. Personally I don't see much point anyone who does not have a chance of forming the next government being there at all. That would exclude NDP and BQ.