Monday, August 04, 2008

Would you want the government of Canada giving asylum to the Gambino Crime Family?

Often human rights organizations in Israel exhibit a strange affinity to people who are actively trying to kill Israelis which in turn is why the Israeli public often exhibit a marked apathy towards human rights organizations.

A good case in point is the most recent petition to the Israeli high court by the forever looney Association for Civil Rights in Israel (aka Assocation for Civil Rights for Everyone but Jews) whose latest petition is on the behalf of approximately 188 Gazan Palestinians from Fatah and the Hilles clan who have been locked in a major firefight with Hamas over the weekend.

Ynet News:
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) filed a petition with the High Court of Justice Sunday demanding that it prevent the State from sending dozens of Palestinians who fled Gaza following fierce clashes with Hamas back to the Strip.

On Saturday 188 Palestinians were allowed entry into Israel after Hamas took over a stronghold of the Fatah-affiliated Hilles clan in Gaza City's Sajaiyeh neighborhood. At least 11 people were killed and dozens more were injured during the infighting. Thirty-two of the Palestinians who had requested political asylum in Israel have already been sent back to Gaza, while the rest are expected to return within the next 24 hours.

In the petition, ACRI Attorney Oded Feller said the lives of those who are being sent back to Gaza is at risk, adding that sending back people who request political asylum to the place they had escaped from constitutes "one of the most severe human rights violations and is a breach of Israeli law and human morality".

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas refused to grant asylum to the Hilles clan members. According to Hamas, of the 32 Palestinians sent back to Gaza only five remain in custody. The Palestinian Authority said only three people, including clan head Ahmed Hilles, will be granted asylum in the West Bank. Hilles was injured in the clashes with Hamas and is currently being treated at an Israeli hospital.

The Palestinian Authority runs courts of justice and, in fact, has a high court. The so-called refugees are Palestinian armed men so it makes far more sense to pressure the Palestinian Authority for their asylum in the West Bank. So why won’t the NGO file a petition in Ramallah or lobby Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas to change his mind?
But no, Israelis NGO’s operate under some strange suicide death wish whereby they attempt to hold a viper to the breast of the Israeli civil society. Ultimately, it is a sense of moral perversion whereby human rights organizations in Israel demand constant accommodation with their enemies and/or mafia type organizations all in the name of ‘human rights’but no care is given to the human rights of Jews. So why was the Palestinian Authority reluctant to take in these Palestinian allies or brethren from the Gaza Strip? The Jerusalem Post gives us first the official reason:
PA officials explained that the reason behind their refusal to absorb the new "refugees" was their desire not to encourage other residents of the Gaza Strip to leave. "Everyone knows that if we allow people to leave the Gaza Strip, almost all the residents living there would try to cross the border into Israel," said a senior PA official. "We don't want to leave the Gaza Strip to Hamas."

One is related to Abbas's fear that the presence of the Hilles "refugees" in Ramallah and other West Bank cities would damage his efforts to impose law and order there. The powerful Hilles clan had established their own "mini-state" in the Gaza Strip, where they had their own extraterritorial "security zone" and militia.

The clan, which has long been affiliated with Fatah, had a military training base and a number of small factories for manufacturing various types of weapons. Several members of the clan were also involved in various types of criminal activities, including murder, rape, kidnappings and extortion, according to sources in the Gaza Strip.

Bringing dozens of these clan members into the West Bank would have caused a big headache for Abbas, who is still facing difficulties in reining in numerous Fatah gangs that are continuing to roam the streets of West Bank cities and villages. The last thing Abbas needs is another 180 bitter Fatah thugs from the Gaza Strip patrolling the streets of Ramallah, Bethlehem and Nablus and imposing a reign of terror on the local population. Past experience has shown that the Palestinians in the West Bank have never been enthusiastic about the presence of their brethren from the Gaza Strip among them.

In another twist of the screw, Ehud Barak, Leader of the Israeli Labor Party and current Minister of Defense, has worked out an agreement with the Palestinian Authority to accept the mafiaoso refugees for resettlement in Jericho reports the Jerusalem Post:
The Defense Ministry and the Palestinian Authority decided late Monday morning to transfer to Jericho the Fatah refugees who were still in Israel after fleeing Saturday's fierce fighting with Hamas in Gaza. The announcement was a change to a decision made overnight Sunday to have them sent to Ramallah, which had marked a reversal of a previous decision to send them back to Gaza.

The decision to send the Fatah men to the West Bank followed discussions overnight Sunday between Defense Ministry officials and the office of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Of the 188 Fatah members who entered Israel, 35 were sent back to Gaza on Sunday at the request of Abbas, who had initially asked Israel to treat the wounded and only facilitate the transfer to the West Bank of five members of the Hilles clan, including its leader Ahmed Hilles. Nevertheless, after the 35 returned Fatah members were immediately arrested by Hamas, the IDF filed an objection with the Defense Ministry that sending the remaining refugees back to Gaza would risk their lives.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak's office then contacted Abbas's office and after talks throughout the night, it was decided that the men would be sent to the West Bank after all. The Defense Ministry said in a statement that it received information that "they were being arrested by Hamas and that their lives were in immediate danger."
These men owe their lives to the direct intervention of the Jewish state although I doubt the debt will be repaid with anything but the blood of others.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Fine post. Everything feels right about it, but the headline got me pondering. Gambino family, Montreal, all that jazz. You know, it could be better than even Disneyland!

Kateland, aka TZH said...

The Quebec Liberal party will not allow a bigger syndicate then themselves to operate in Montreal.

And better than Disneyland, oy vey, just what the world needs a pretentious Disneyland with long line ups and bad unionized service but Quebec City has definite possibilities.