Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mensch Alert

I want to do something I rarely do here at the Last Amazon which is publicly thank and acknowledge a number of bloggers who have linked to or wrote their own posts concerning Canadian writer Howard Rotberg in the last few days.

I received am email concerning Howard Rotberg’s plight via Darcey at Dust my Broom, which prompted me to spew out my own two cents on my blog, and then his. It also motivated me, for the first time, to send out a personal appeal to other bloggers to publicize his story as far and wide as possible. I am not much of a self-promoter and often quite happy with my own personal blog obscurity. The positive response has been rather overwhelming and much unexpected from a number of quarters. So my personal mensch list goes like this, and please note - there is no second or third, or fourth etc., place at this list.

The Blog of Walker

The Alberta Pundit

No Right Puns

Smooth Stone

Vlad Tapes

Maverick News Media

Irons in the Fire

Blood Thirsty Liberal

Discarded Lies

Solomonia – oh wow.

Carl at Israel Matzav (who is always good for a looksee)

Aussie Dave at Israellycool (who really is cool even if I miss the podcast)

Anne at Boker Tov, Boulder! Who I suspect has absolutely the most incredible networking skills besides being a good soul.

Seraphic Press, and if you haven’t read “How I married Karen” do so – right now. Your heart will thank you.

SnoopytheGoon, for his crossing posting at both Yourish and Simply Jews (secret home of the Elders) and for including me in Haveil-Havalim #177, Tisha Bav Edition. I’m honoured to be included (and if SnoopytheGoon ever decides to run for office I will make aliyah just so I can vote for him - even though I am far more of an extremist than he will ever be). If you do not know what Haveil Havalim is - go check it out.

I have been blogging since May 2004 and in that time I have been linked to by a number of prominent bloggers. I have even been Insta-lanced by Instapundit when I hosted the Red Ensign Bloggers, I have been linked to by Time Magazine and the NY Times on their websites, but in all that time, I have never experienced anything like the last 24 hours after Kate McMillan linked to me on her blog Small Dead Animals.

Kate regularly defies, confounds, and sends her critics in fits of primal blogspew. She is a bright, articulate, conservative Canadian. She has built and incredibly successful blog which attracts literally all types from everywhere. She did it without being reduced to boobie blogging or posting cheesecake. She has done it on dial-up, and how she keeps sane, I just don’t know. What I do know, is this; we have often been miles apart on issues, and I suspect there has been the odd time or two, or maybe three or four, when we have been on polar opposite sides. But you know what – when all is said and done, she is still able to put that all aside for another. Kate, you rock!

Mea culpa: How could I overlook and not mention The Atheist Jew?


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the warm reference. Re my lack of extremism - I shall put you in touch with SWMBO, she will willingly dispel this notion ;-)


Hello Birdy said...

Small Dead Animals (Kate McMillan) is a reason to get up in the morning.

Smooth said...

Thank you, Kateland, for the kind words. I was glad to help out and I even received a pesonal thank you from Howard Rotberg himself so no doubt, word about his plight went out. On another note, I moved my website to a new domain,, so swing on by and say hello if you are ever in the neighborhood. ;)

can't_believe_it said...

your asessment(spelling?) of SDA is spot on. I don't agree with Kate sometimes either, but even then, I find her commentary relevant, and useful. A lot of her regulars are very astute and fair commenters. she has her share of idiots, and trolls, but she deals with them as they deserve. If you post in opposition, she will respond thoughtfully if you are reasonable. If you are not, she'll put you in your place. On the personal income side, Kate is a real artistic talent, I recommend you explore her site and look at some of the work she has done. Since Kate has linked to you, I'll be watching your site regularly for the next couple of weeks, and may even make it one of my dailies if the content stays on its current level.