Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The alleged Truce

Once again, an example of the truce which can never be violated. Ynet News:
A Qassam rocket fired from northern Gaza landed in an open area adjacent to a kindergarten in the town of Sderot on Monday afternoon. No injuries were reported and no damage was caused. Residents confirmed the 'Color Red' rocket alert sirens sounded throughout the town and its neighboring communities moments before the impact.

The rocket landed at around 4:15 pm, as hundreds of Sderot residents were gathered in the town's center for a large shopping event held by a prominent retailer 'in honor' of the relative calm in the region.

Though the area has been relatively quiet since Israel signed a ceasefire agreement with Hamas and other Palestinian groups in Gaza in June, intermittent rocket and mortar fire has been recorded every several days. Two rockets landed in the same region last week, also causing no injuries.
Tweddle dee, tweddle dum, how long before the next one.

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