Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Taking No Prisoners Crowd

Kick Ass Blogger Award

I have been nominated as a ‘kick-ass blogger’ by both James Bow and Balbulican. The truly odd part is that neither of them has seen me in a bar fight so they have no first hand knowledge of how I can turn literally anything into a weapon. Be that as it may, I will accept their combined wisdom and judgment in good grace. The rules of this meme are that I am to link back to Mama Dawg and nominate five of my own ‘kick-ass bloggers’ and let them know. In no real particular order my five are:

Chucker Canuck – a truly Canadian phenomenon - besides points are always awarded for making me laugh and Chucker Canuck always does that.

Then comes what I would call the Guns & Moses crowd (although a strong element of atheism hangs heavy among some members). First up is Shlemazl who has not been posting much of late but he has the truly endearing habit of getting under literally everyone’s skin and he is not afraid to poke liberally.

Now I will get a little international by nominating one of my personal favourites - SnoopytheGoon. His blog can be a collected effort at times and often gets a rather diverse crowd commenting at the inner sanctum of the Elders. SnoopytheGoon’s responses are literally a little bit of manna. I saved one of my personal favourites and have been waiting for an excuse to post this.

Dear Nazi moron,

Welcome to the heart of the Elders' organization. Thanks for the wealth of information you have so painstakingly provided. Unfortunately, we cannot keep the links that you have so lavishly spread through the text. However, as a bonus for your effort, we want to let you into the deeper end of the conspiracy pool. You see, many of the names you have mentioned, such as: Jimmy Carter, Adolf Hitler, William Taft, Queen Elisabeth, Marshal Voroshilov, Khrushchev, even Tchaikovsky - all of them were closet Jooz. Of course, we control the world, we cannot help it anymore and it is not a secret.

One more thing you may want to know: to create a false impression of resistance, we have created a multitude of genetically modified androids, dead from the neck up to post Nazi drivel on the Internet. Very useful as an illusion of multiple choice and so called "freedom of information". You could have guessed by now that you are one of these androids. But then you are dead as far as your brain is concerned.
Joe Settler because everyone should have a settler watching the high road. Joe could be considered controversial by some but I find his take on events is just often downright refreshing.

My final pick is Krazy from Dust my Broom. Now the Broomers are an interesting lot and I do have a special in my heart for Darcey but Krazy deserves special mention. His unconventional and unwestern take on the Russian-Georgia conflict has not earned him any friends or fans at the Broom but it has left him undeterred and he refuses to concede defeat. He may be getting ganged up in the comments but he, just like the Russian retreat in Georgia, refuses to go, lay down or die. Besides, how can anyone not like a man who harbours warm fuzzy feelings for Russians?


JoeSettler said...

I am truly honored and I thank you for the mention, but I never do memes. They require too much thought.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

That's okay Joe, just keep watching the high road.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Many thanks, Katelanf, both for the honors and for the kind mention. I shall do my best to spread some of the lightness ;-)

Frank Godon said...

Thanks kateland - its the Metis blood in me that won't let me back down.

You're right - all it takes is one party with Russians and you get the warm fuzzy feelings for them :) - Krazy

WL Mackenzie Redux said...

Krazy is still my friend (and other broomers) regardles of how unrealistic his nationalist sentiment is for Russian leadership.

Takes more than a retro-soviet invasion to bust up Broomers.

shlemazl said...

how can anyone not like a man who harbours warm fuzzy feelings for Russians?

Quite. Krazy isn't the only one supporting Russian actions in Georgia. Hamas, Hezbollah and the President of Belarus appear to share the same "warm and fuzzy feelings for Russians".

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Haven't they always? Krazy, is the original russophile and lives in St. Petersburg when he is not terrorizing the rest of us but in his defense, I still harbour a soft spot for a few expat Russians myself.