Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No cursing allowed

I believe the Canadian malaise for politically correct speech has spread to the Israelis. Ynet News reports:
The Jerusalem District Prosecution filed an indictment on Wednesday against Bar-Ilan Professor Hillel Weiss, who was caught on camera cursing the commander of the IDF's Hebron Brigade during the eviction of two Jewish families from the West Bank city's marketplace in August 2007.

In the indictment, filed with the Magistrates' Court in the capital, Weiss is charged with incitement to violence, intimidation and offending a public officer. During the incident Weiss told Colonel Yehuda Fox “may your mother be bereaved, your wife be widowed, your children be orphaned and may you be struck down in the next war and any memory of you be erased."

Following the episode, which was caught on tape by Ynet's cameraman, the head of the Investigation Unit at the Judea and Samaria police launched a criminal examination of the statements, which turned Thursday into a full-fledged investigation.

No word if saying, ‘your mother wears army boots’ is still legally permissible.

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