Monday, August 11, 2008

There is no one state solution without the destruction of the Jewish homeland

The Phased Plan of the PLO lives. The Jerusalem Post:
"If Israel continues to reject our propositions regarding the borders [of a future Palestinian state], we might demand Israeli citizenship," top Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala) was quoted by Reuters as saying overnight Sunday.

Speaking in a discussion with Fatah supporters in Ramallah, Qurei said the solution of two states for two peoples can only become a reality if Israel agrees to the Palestinians' demands and withdraws from the territory they claim as their own. A Palestinian source estimated that Qurei's comments reflected his pessimism regarding the sides' ability to reach an agreement on borders in the foreseeable future.

"The Palestinian leadership has worked to establish an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 [pre-Six Day War] borders, but if Israel continues to resist making this a reality - then the Palestinians' demand for the sake of the Palestinian people will be a solution of one state for both nationalities," Qurei told his listeners.

Now it should be clear why the Palestinians refuse to accept or recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland.

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