Friday, August 22, 2008

Israel threatens to defend itself

And so the Lebanese Prime Minister threatens to complain to the UN. Ynet News:
Lebanon's unity cabinet on Friday approved a decision to formally complain to the United Nations about what it perceived as recent Israeli threats against Beirut. "To hear what Israeli officials say, one would think Israel was showering Lebanon with roses during its last aggression," Prime Minister Fuad Siniora said of the 2006 summer war between Israel and Hizbullah, in which over 1,200 Lebanese - mostly civilians - were killed.
And the alleged Israeli comments which crossed the line were:
Siniora was apparently referring to comments made this week by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who warned that Israel would hit back harder than before if Hizbullah guerrillas attacked again. Olmert said Israel did not use all means to respond then, but "if Lebanon becomes a Hizbullah state, then we won't have any restrictions in this regard."

Absolutely hilarious, although, I can understand why Prime Minister Siniora would be concerned considering this act of the Lebanese parliament:
Lebanon's new national unity government has given Hizbullah and their allies veto power over all major decisions and also upheld Hizbullah's right to retain its weapons.

Which is in direct contradiction to numerous UN resolutions (including 1701) and apparently Hezbollah is in the midst of preparation to act against Israeli interests.

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