Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Palestinian Authority, the regional bastion of human rights

Apparently, just having a relative who may be affiliated with Hamas is enough to get one fired from the Palestinian Authority security services in the West Bank reports Ynet News:
The Palestinian Authority has dismissed some 1,000 police and security officers suspected of being affiliated with Hamas supporters or connected to the movement controlling Gaza, on the backdrop of fears that the recent clashes in the Strip would spread to the West Bank.
Ynet has learned that ever since Hamas took control of the Strip about a year ago, and more intensely in the past few months, the PA has been questioning security officers in a bid to identify those close to Hamas and prevent the movement from infiltrating the security organizations – a situation which led to the military coup in Gaza.

Following the coup, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas formed a commission of inquiry comprised of senior PA and Fatah officials to look into the events and the reasons for the defeat in Gaza.

One of the committee's conclusions was that at least one-third of the officers, commanders and security officers served as Hamas agents within these organizations.
PA sources told Ynet at the time that the real number of people who had been working with Hamas was much higher and even double than the number mentioned in the committee's conclusions.

Immediately afterwards, many of the organizations' commanders and officers were dismissed from service and lost their rights. In the past few weeks, following the escalation in the tension between the Palestinian factions, the PA boosted its inquiries in the West Bank's security organizations.

A senior Palestinian officer told Ynet on Monday that some 1,000 functionaries were dismissed from service. He said that some were fired after being suspected of being ideologically and politically affiliated with Hamas, and the others for being related to Hamas elements. "Anyone suspected of having stances supporting Hamas or discovered to be a relative, a brother or even a close neighbor of a Hamas activists or senior official – has been dismissed."

But always remember, Israel and the not the Palestinian Authority, is the real human rights abuser.

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