Friday, February 06, 2009

Rappers are the New Wusses

50 Cent to launch his own skin care line
The Candy Shop singer - who already has a G Unit clothing range - has reportedly put his music career on hold to focus on the new products, designed for men who like to be "pampered". The line will include a moisturiser and night creams.
My last husband didn't have pierced ears or even wear any jewelry except his wedding band. In fact, I can't imagine any of my deceased husbands in bras, stay-ups or wearing moisturiser. I admit I am conservative - I still haven't adjusted to tattoos being manifestations of modern pop culture and find the sight of them rather jarring. I expect it's the whole 'mark of the dead thing', which is, psychologically speaking, rather off-putting for me.

I'm trying to see the upside in this 'new man' thingy for my daughter's sake – but its hard. Bras, nylons, garters, now make-up - at the rate things are going I am going to be a whole lot more 'manly' than any potential sons-in-law.

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