Friday, February 06, 2009

Odds & Ends before the blog closes shop for the weekend

I implemented full comment moderation for two reasons. Firstly, there are long periods when I am away from a computer and cannot effectively 'monitor' comments left by visitors. This became more of an issue as a matter concerning comments has now come before the courts in Canada.

While this situation has not been fully resolved in a ruling, and until it does, full comment moderation will be on whenever I am away for an extended period…like from nightfall on Friday until at least Saturday night/Sunday morning. At the urging of some long-time readers, who felt the commenting had become too cumbersome, I have lifted the moderation levels somewhat during the week.

I won’t alter comments but I will delete any comments left by spammers, or those which breach the criminal or civil code of Canada. In other words, my blog is not the place where anyone should feel comfortable for calling for the death of anyone – and that includes calls for my demise so you will have to satisfy your death urges the old fashion way via email.

Since there are a number of new readers to my blog I want to draw your attention to the the blog ad running on the side bar. Every click doesn’t represent money in my pocket but money in the pockets of various Israeli charities. More on that here - the last remittance went to Warm the Needy and I can state with confidence not a penny will go to Peace Now or other like-minded organizations.
- so ‘right’ click away.

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