Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lifting the lid on the Palestinian Pandora Box

The Jerusalem Post is reporting this international twist of the knife:
The Palestinian Authority has recognized the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in a move aimed at allowing an investigation of possible war crimes during the recent Gaza conflict, the court said.

The court can only investigate if asked by the UN Security Council or an involved state that has recognized the court. Israel has never recognized its jurisdiction. Only states can recognize the court and it is unclear if the Palestinians can do so.

Even if the Palestinian Authority manages to hurdle itself over the ‘statehood’ issue, the ICC is a double edged knife to hold. While it remains to be seen if any Israelis would be successfully prosecuted by the court, there is no end of Palestinian players who could also be brought before the court on charges. I have no doubt this will set back Fatah – Hamas reconciliation talks for at least another generation or two.


beachnut said...

I the U. N is busy right now.
Hammas has stolen all the aid parcels.
And besides, have the rockets stopped?
Thought not.

Michael said...

The rockets haven't stopped, and I don't think that Israel will permit a "trial" with the ICC. The gov't will use the simple expedient of not permitting ICC officials to enter the country.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Beachnut – the UN may not have the time but it always makes time for ‘Zionists’.

Michael – Agreed about admittance but I really am trying to emphasis the short-sightedness of Palestinian thinking as I would find it considerably easier to make a case against Fatah/Hamas et al than Israeli officials, and inviting the ICC in could just as easily backfire against them.

Michael said...

That's a good point, Kate, but who would ever bring charges against the palis?

Israel? Heck no, because that would be admitting the jurisdiction of the ICC.

The UN? I don't think so...

Obama? Now I'm just laughing...

This two edged knife only has one sharp side, and the palis know it.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Potentially any 'civilians' who become the victim of Hamas, IJ or Fatah terror - cases aren't limited to the victim's nationality think of the American couple who tragically lost their son in a bus bombing and sued the PA.