Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tabloid Edition

I love Ynet News in spite of all its shortcomings (very little nuance, no in-depth reporting, very little fall-up and a tendency to sensationalize the most trivial) because it is the most human of all the Israeli-Anglo papers. So today I present the Israeli tabloid edition.

We start with the Ministry of Defense’s decision to allowing 600 Palestinian Authority security officers to deploy in Jenin. Ehud Barak calls it a calculated risk but it does not take a rocket scientist to determine he is not the one whose life is at risk with this calculation.

Then there is the IDF issuing a temporary resident permit to an Israeli man’s gay Palestinian lover. The couple has been waiting five years for a permit and decided to circumvent the civilian process and appeal to the IDF directly. And some people don’t think the IDF command has a strong sentimental streak. My bet is that this is the one thing you won’t see happening in a Palestinian state or even Hamastan.

Arab Israeli Knesset members met with Fatah officials in Ramallah yesterday and announced this:
Fatah will not recognize the Yemeni proposal outlining a path to reconciliation with Hamas as long as the Islamist movement maintains its control over the Gaza Strip, this according to Arab Knesset members who met in Ramallah Monday with representatives of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' organization.

Under the Yemeni proposal, signed Sunday, Fatah and Hamas would agree in principle to unite in a single Palestinian government. However, in several days of talks in Yemen, the bitter rivals failed to resolve the crucial question of how they should share power.

The Fatah representatives, including Mohammad Horani of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Osman Abu el-Gharbiya, told the MKs, all members of the National Democratic Assembly Party, that the delegation to Yemen consisted of officials from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), not Fatah.

According to the senior Fatah members, the Yemeni proposal will not even be considered by the movement's authoritative bodies. MK Jamal Zahalka said following the meeting that he did not detect any change in Fatah's position regarding possible reconciliation with Hamas, adding that he hopes "the intervention of Arab countries, perhaps those with more clout than Yemen, will succeed (in mediating between Fatah and Hamas)."

Zionist controls the media so says Hezbollah’s Nasrallah. Of course, Nasrallah misses the irony in broadcasting his message via satellite to the Arab world and beyond. Obviously, heads need to roll in the International Jewish Conspiracy.

Counter Terrorism Bureau issues Passover warnings for Israelis. I guess the Israeli CTB is also irony challenged.

A senior French bureaucrat is fired for writing that Israel is the 'only state where snipers shoot down little girls outside their school gates’ in article published on a French-Muslim online publication. Irony abounds in this article. How convenient for the author to forget little incidents from Ma’alot to even the more recent Mercaz Harav Yeshiva Massacre. Of course, when the Taliban was totally in control of Afghanistan - they circumvented the whole sniping at school girls issue by closing all the girls schools….which I suppose is one way for the state to keep its fingers off the trigger.

Fatah aids to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas claim the Yemeni proposal which re-unites Fatah and Hamas in a power sharing agreement was signed due to mix-up. Wow, that should make Hamas really compliant in the future. Personally, I prefer Israeli Arab MK’s explanation – the proposal is only with the PLO.

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