Monday, March 03, 2008

A message to my neighbors in Toronto-Centre

I live on a major, major street in the riding of Toronto-Centre. Apparently there is to be by-election held on March 17, 2008. Don Meredith is the Conservative Party candidate for my riding. How do I know this? Well, I have had campaign literature dropped off my door and there are a number of businesses on both Parliament and Sherbourne streets who are hanging his sign in their windows.

Then there is El-Farouk Khaki who is the NDP candidate. I know this because El-Farouk’s signs are up in the neighborhood (primarily over vacant lots/space) and his team has also dropped off campaign literature at my door. And I would like to add that his campaign team has got to be some of the most polite people who have ever knocked at my door. Dippers – who would have thought it?

Apparently, Bob Rae is running for the Liberals. How do I know this? Well, it is not because I have seen any signs in the neighborhood (this isn’t Rosedale) nor has any liberal party campaigners condescended to drop by my door – let alone left any material to read. I know he is running because the The Toronto Star told me so. In fact, if it wasn’t for cheesecake piece on Bob’s campaign in this morning’s paper - I would have missed the fact he was a candidate.

I haven’t a clue where the Greens have gone either – like Kermit says – its not easy being green. I do have a really big favour to ask of my neighbors come election day. Vote for anyone but Bob. I am sure Bob deserves many things but what he does not deserve is to carry this riding.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I live in the riding too - not too far from you. I haven't seen any Meredith signs or received his litterature. I have seen lots of Rae, Tindal and Khaki signs. I have also heard that at the all-candidates meetings so far, Meredith has mostly made a fool of himself and the debates have been won by Rae and Tindal for the Greens.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

I didn’t say there wasn’t any signs, just that I had not seen them. Unless the signs have gone up over night I haven't seen a single Rae sign on Church, Jarvis, Sherbourne or Parliament or Dundas streets. And Tindal, well I couldn't find any reference for a Green candidate let alone find his name anywhere until you posted it. I believe if you read what I said, I said I did see Khaki signs and his people had gone door knocking.

As for the campaign literature, if you really do live in the area then go check your mail box. Frankly, I am not surprised you haven’t seen any Meredith campaign literature as you appear to have an axe to grind towards minority candidates and probably just tossed it without taking the time to even read it. Or maybe it is just that Meredith does not meet your criteria for a cool black candidates? Nor am I surprised you haven’t seen Meredith signs in the small mom ‘n’ pop businesses in the area as you probably don’t patronize those places either….probably far too ethnic for you.

Nor did I say suggest Rae wasn’t a good debater, after years of public speaking, it would only be astonishing if he wasn’t but I remember Bob Rae days far too well to give much credence to anything he says and concern myself more over what he does or does not do.
Overall, I don’t put much stock in anything anyone says whose only moniker is “Anonymous’. Now shoooooo fly.

Anonymous said...

"probably far too ethnic for you"

What does that mean?

Is 'Kateland' or 'THZ' any more or less anonymous than 'Anonymous'?


LBW (a different anonymous person than above)