Saturday, March 22, 2008

Amazonian Make-up Edition

Years ago I got a job working in an international make-up school. Every one who knew me that it was a hoot because I wore so little make-up. A little mascara for the eyelashes, a little lipstick for the day and for evening - a touch of eyeliner and I was good to go. Other than theatre make-up, I really didn’t have a clue as to how to put it on, and since I lived most of my non-theatre life on the go, I just never had the time to learn. Working at the make-up school was a lesson in just about every conceivable kind of make-up from beauty make-up to blood products. Not to mention I was resident victim as well as made Resident Evil on a regular basis.

As I aged, I learned the value of a little foundation. I use to wear a foundation called Cinema Secrets which was designed as a foundation for film/television. Great coverage, and a very sheer product. The only problem was - washing it off meant really scrubbing because it was completely waterproof. Leave it on too long, and it was back to the junior high style breakouts.

At least once every year, I take the daughter out for what I call the great search for the perfect Amazonian make-up. Finding make-up for the Last Amazon is tricky. She’s too young to wear heavy duty make-up but at the same time her complexion is tricky to match. Finding the appropriate colour combinations is an art in itself. Besides, no real woman really wants to own up to giving birth to clown-girl.

This year, don’t ask me why, we decided to visit Make-up Forever which was always been a big favourite among the professional make-up artists of my acquaintance. I never wore or even tried Make-up Forever before and have I been missing out. No fracking wonder why professional make-up artists rave about it from here to tomorrow.

Originally, Make-up Forever was a French professional line of make-up developed for the theatre. Eventually, its use spread to print and beauty fashion industry. For a long time the only place you could buy it in Canada was in Montreal but now it’s available across the country at Sephora and most Sears retail counters.

I have been wearing their liquid face and body foundation all week. Not only is the coverage absolutely sheer and waterproof but it complete lacks the pore blocking qualities of Cinema Secrets. I know many people rave about MAC but have you seen what their foundations look like on real women – layered cake city. Did I mention that you do not have to set it with powder? However will I adjust to the lack of grittiness on my skin… seriously, most women’s foundation is far too thick and gives an almost Geisha girl quality to the coverage which doesn’t help because it usually has to be set with powder – hence the gritty feel on the skin.

The brow pencil is to die for and having really light eyebrows naturally, I know brow pencils. The pencil is harder than normal but it keeps its point well, and yet, it spreads easily. What more could you ask for? Though, I have to say I am not overly fond of the gel eyeliner – smudges far too easily so it is rather useless at holding a line. Now it may be my technique which is at fault rather than the product. Overall, I give it a great if you’re a fan of smoky eye but not really worth it for use as a hardcore liner.

Eyeshadows and blushes. I haven’t been wearing any but the Last Amazon is absolutely in love with her colours. In general, there is a heavy emphasis on brilliant and pure colours which means more mixing & blending, blending, and then, more blending. The advantage is for all those hard to match complexions - then it is a real boon and you can find colour that is just right for you rather than the girl next door. The downside is if you do not have an eye or feel for colour; you have to speak up and ask for help in filling up palette.

I have been to three different Make-up Forever counters and all the staff have been professional make-up artists. I never thought to ask if it’s the company policy but often with the higher end make-up the companies it the policy to hire only working professional make-up artists rather than any pretty face who manages to fill out an application. The other disadvantage is price. It’s not cheap but a little goes a lot further than your average Revlon or Cover Girl product. Like most things in life you get what you pay for.

By now most of my mostly male readers are probably wondering what is up with this post. I don’t think I have done a beauty edition before and no – I am not being paid to write this post (but I wouldn’t turn down any free samples – hint, hint). And contrary to what some of my readers presume - I will steal the words of Alice Pieszecki and state for the record - I really am a fem. I will probably go back to blogging about war and conflict in short order but in the meantime; I have just given every male with a significant female (or Trannie) other in their life - a great gift certificate suggestion.

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"By now most of my mostly male readers are probably wondering what is up with this post."

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