Friday, March 28, 2008

Kid & Booze Quiz

For a woman who rarely drinks it turns out a have achieved "drunkard" status with my knowledge of alcohol…generations of alcoholics finally pays off…sort of

And in the interest of the public education - I would like to announce that if you ever find yourself being swarmed and attacked by five year olds - I am who you should be calling – although, if they number more than 27 you should be providing me with appropriate back-up.



Michael said...

Fun quizzes. My score:
83% Lush

And I'd be a good back-up for you: 22 five year olds down. (It was that dang moral compass)

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Now, as long as we aren't drunk, the five year olds don't stand a chance.

Michael said...

Well, we can be 80% drunk, and 49 five year olds are toast. More than that, and we'll need some help (or another drink).