Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Don't ask Canadians, ask Nanny instead

According to a recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll 75% of Canadians do not think that the United States should try to promote the creation of democratic governments in other countries.

Geez, what do you expect from a country where an elected member of the ruling political party can stand up and say, "The government will not tolerate statements that create dissonance in our society" and the official Opposition and/or the Canadian public did not howled her down in outrage. She should have been run out of Parliament on a rail and not returned with a majority.

Of course, most of my fellow patriots do not believe in making a commitment to encouraging free and democratic countries – that’s why Mr. Dither’s goes to China to sign trade agreements rather than seeking out mutual interests or common ground in countries like, say Poland or the Czech Republic. Most Canadians think the Americans have it all wrong on Cuba and view Fidel Castro as a benign uncle-figure who brought literacy and health care to millions of Cubans and to hell with the all those poets, musicians, writers or other general malcontents who do not want to wallow in a Cuban style gulag.

Why would the majority of Canadians be interested in promoting freedom and democracy in other countries when the majority of Canadians voted for a political party that is far too busy legislating away their individual freedoms and parliamentary democracy under the guise of Liberal Nanny Knows Best?

(tipped off by Neale News)

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