Friday, January 30, 2009

Turkish honour - yes, we need the Terrorist State's stinking drones

The Jerusalem Post is reporting the Turkish Prime Minister gets a hero's welcome after having a tempter tantrum and walking out of a World Economic Forum debate in Davos.
The Turkish leader was warmly greeted as some 5,000 supporters waving Turkish and Palestinian flags flooded Istanbul's airport when his plane touched down before dawn.

Some outside of the airport gate held banners that applauded his Palestinian stance in Davos. "The conqueror of Davos," one banner read. CNN television said extra buses were put on duty so more people could turn out to welcome him.

In brief comments at the airport, Erdogan said he had been insulted. "My responsibility is to protect the honor of the Turkish nation."
I am betting know one mentioned the phrase Kurdish Independence or Armenian Genocide at the airport.

Nothing like a man with high principles, and just in case, you were wondering, the Turkey is still expecting to receive the Israeli drones as per their weapons deal.

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