Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hamas’ white phosphorus rain into Israel

Well, well, not only are Hamas fighters donning IDF uniforms and utilizing civilian human shields, (contrary to umpteen articles of the Geneva Convention) Hamas is now firing white phosphorus mortar shells into civilian centres in Israel reports Ynet News:
One of the mortar shells fired from northern Gaza at the Eshkol Regional Council Tuesday contained white phosphorus. The council's security chief, Nikki Levy, said that "the potential danger of using such a rocket is enormous. It is far more dangerous than other Qassam rockets and mortal shells. This is an escalation in the type of explosives the Palestinians use on civilians."

Of course, Israel has been denounced as using white phosphorus missiles by all the usual suspects despite denials from the IDF Chief of Staff, and contrary to certain pro-Hamas fractions would have you believe - there are legitimate legal military uses for white phosphorus munitions but Hamas’ use of white phosphorus mortars does not even come close to being a considered legit in the broadest interpretation of the word.

I await the Hamas denunciations and charges of war crimes and I wait, and I wait, and I wait….

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