Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toronto 4 Israel Rally

So I cajoled my oldest son to go to the Toronto 4 Israel rally held a few minutes away from our home in the downtown. At one point, the rally organizers announced there was approximately 1,000 people in attendance...which I thought a little on the large size for the crowd I was walking around but who am I to argue?

These two young students greeted us upon entering - although I didn't snap their picture until we left. Initially, the young women were hesitant to allow me to take their pictures for my blog. They quizzed me on the 'kind of blog' I have. I admit my answers were a trifle vague - along the lines of mid-east politics, Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinians. I did own up to having a short piece suggesting the truce was incredibly short-sighted by the Israeli political leadership. They warned me they would check it out to see if I was 'lying' or miss-using their son remarked that the rally had the 'hottest babes' he had ever seen at a rally. Usually, I have dragged him out to 'counter-protest' at the Anti-Israel rallies which might explain the lack of 'hot babes'.

While the Toronto Student demographic was large, there was a fair sprinkling of us older supporters.
I took this picture of a man who proclaimed Free Cubans supported the Israeli people 100%. Nice sentiment and can I get a "Viva Cuba liberté!"

Across the street from the square, the usual self-haters showed up with to flaunt their banners. Since these 'Jews' are in solidarity with Gaza - how come they don't pack up and share Gaza's fate?

In other news, the count is now 19 rockets have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip since the 'ceasefire' took effect.


Daniel Ferman said...

Great post- thanks for attending our event, and as a student we really did value the community's support in attendance.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if I could use some of your photos from this event for a post on my blog. I was at this important rally, but do not own a digital camera.

If you will allow me to, I was wondering if you had more photos than the ones above and if you would allow me access to larger images. (Full attribution going to you, of course.)

Kateland, aka TZH said...

Daniel - anytime.

Anonymous - well, who are you, what's your blog, and send me an email to 'theLastAmazon - at - gmail dot com

Chris Taylor said...

When I went to a rally for democracy in Iran, about 4 years ago, two of the young Iranian fellas I talked to told me they were just there to scope out the girls. And there were an awful lot of nice-looking young women on the premises.

Jim said...

I had to laugh at the fact that the Hamas supporters across the road didn't unroll their banners fully for most of the event. They left the "J" rolled up resulting in signs that said "ews in solidarity" Several of us amused ourselves by making "ewwww" jokes!

On a more serious note, I was quite impressed by the group of high school girls standing behind me - they were very well informed, very vocal and were not willing to swallow any PC nonsense (which to the credit of the organizers, was very limited)

Alex Leibfried said...

Wow, self-haters? that is ignorant. Not all jews believe that Palestine is given to them by god and therefore have the right to kill people to get it. In my opinion the fact that israel is occupying palestine land and calling for cease fire is baffling. In case you weren't aware after WWII the U.N gave 45% of Palestine to the Jews and it became Israel. They now occupy more than 80% by FORCE! I think its obvious who the agresor is here.

Jim said...

Alex, I'm going to make the assumption that you were one of the counter-protesters at the Israel rally. I'm going to make an even larger assumption that you are indeed Jewish.

"In case you weren't aware after WWII the U.N gave 45% of Palestine to the Jews and it became Israel..."

Alex, the historical record is quite clear. The only reason anyone would make a statement like yours is because their personal agenda of Jew-hatred makes them twist the truth.

Am I being a bit harsh? Let me put it this way; If your hatred of Israel is really because of the "occupation" and not simply because Israel is full of Joooos, where is your anti-Canada banner? How many times have you lined up to complain about Canada's brutal occupation of aboriginal lands? How many times have you gone on record bemoaning the aggression and FORCE that resulted in the nation of Canada? What plans have you made to withdraw from this land?

You who are willfully complicit in the occupation of another people's land (at least by your own definitions) choose to direct your hatred at Jews and only Jews.

So if indeed you are Jewish, the label "self-hater" really does apply.

Alex Leibfried said...

Wow I am not even sure why I feel the need to reply. Are you really making the arguement that because it happened in Canada its ok for Israel to do? Also It happened in Canada a long time ago, and because I live here I support it? are you stupid? Also i am not Jewish, but in your opinion it is impossible for jewish people to do any harm? Its funny that you feel you even argued a point. Israel is bombing Pakistan with U.S. weapons, Pakistan has killed 3 PEOPLE SO FAR with all of their "rockets". Quit being ignorant. Also quit being a bigot... self-hater implies that all jewish people are the same and think the same.