Thursday, January 01, 2009

How long could you live with the idea of your children being a 'military' target?

One of the issues which seems to get lost in media reports covering the latest round of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is that every kassam and every mortar launched against Israel, is with the intent of terrorizing, maiming, injuring, or killing civilians and has no military objective – as in nada, none whatsoever. This makes every kassam and mortar launched by the Palestinian terror masters a war crime. Israel, in Operation Cast Lead, has done its best to seek out military targets while minimizing civilian causalities in its fight to protect its citizenry. Even the left leaning Toronto Star has been forced to acknowledge that:
However, Israeli forces offered a general warning by dropping leaflets and recording brief announcements that interrupt radio broadcasts. They also reached other homes by telephone, telling Gaza residents to flee their homes if they were hiding weapons or militants.
Although, Gaza civilians are injured and killed in the course of the IDF assault, the IDF is doing what it possibly can to minimize such injuries and no one can accuse the Palestinian Terror Masters of doing the same. Hamas sends to warning.

Take a moment to watch how the Israeli children of Sderot have been forced to live.

And then tell me you would not demand your government to do the same or more - if it was your children forced to be nothing more consequential than a living breathing target for rocket fire.

h/t Israel Matzav

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