Saturday, July 29, 2006

Misery loves Company

Keith at Minority of One left a comment with a link to Infidel Bloggers Alliance that is linking to the documentary Obsession: What the War on Terror is Really About.

It bummed him out so he felt the need to share the misery. After watching this film, I am not sure that we can win the war against radical Islamist fascism for we have so totally disarmed ourselves intellectually concerning the nature of the threat we face.

Keith seemed to be able to bounce back from his earlier malaise after viewing this film. I can only hope to do the same. To that I end, I will go recite the Perek Shirah now, in the hopes that I can recover my former equilibrium.


Gordon Pasha said...

Sorry to have bummed you out Kateland. A moment of weakness! In my post on the Seatle shootings, I am not weakening. Just trying to keep the eye on the ball. Best wishes.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

You should be sorry - depressing me like that when I have been abandoned by my optional lifestyle accessories for the last week.

Lucky for me the middle optional lifestyle accessory should be home by midnight. No doubt he will cheer me up.