Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Doctor under fire

Ynet News carries this report of a woman under fire on the field of battle:
One of the doctors who evacuated wounded IDF soldiers from Bint Jbeil on Monday is also the first female soldier to serve in Lebanon: Lt. Dr. Marina of the 52nd armored battalion. "I entered Lebanon in a 'tankbulance' (a converted tank functioning as an ambulance) after we received word that there were injured soldiers," said Dr. Marina Monday. "We had no idea how many casualties there would be. I took care of injured infantry soldiers from the Golani division. The whole time, mortars, katyushas and Sager missiles were falling all around us. It was scary."

A short while after the tank with the injured soldiers rolled back to Israeli territory, it was discovered that another tank had been hit – that of the 52nd armored battlion's commander. After briefing MDA rescue workers in Israel on the injuries and conditions of the wounded soldiers, Dr. Marina returned to Lebanon. "There were five injured soldiers in the battalion commander's tank, under massive fire, a real war," she told. "We had to do everything quickly because explosive fire was going off all around us."

Dr. Marina (32) immigrated to Israel six years and eight months ago and serves as the doctor for the 52nd armored battalion. "In Russia, I was a doctor in the Red Army," she tells. "When I arrived in Israel, I participated in a combat officers' course. Monday's fighting wasn't easy, especially when I had to take care of soldiers that I knew, as well as the commander, Lt. Col Guy.
Lt. Dr. Marina has proven herself more than capable under fire but still she prefers not to tell her mother that she has been sent to Lebanon. Speaking as a mother of many - I'd say Dr. Marina made a wise choice.

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