Thursday, July 13, 2006

All these years later, and yet, the song still remains the same

Ha'aretz reports 29 people wounded in Israel overnight in Hezbollah rocket barrage; one dead.

The Hezbollah Al-Manar television station in Beirut was hit. Beirut International Airport has been hit and is now closed until further notice so there goes the tourist season in Lebanon. Overnight the IAF launched over 40 separate attacks in Lebanon. The IDF has imposed a total naval and air blockade over and under Lebanon.

From Beirut to the Beltway is posting that Lebanese casualties number 26.

The IDF Home Front Command issued instructions to citizens to stay close to the bomb shelters in the northern border area. Maj.-Gen Yitzhak Gershon:

"Together with the police, the fire department and Magen David Adom, the Home Front Command can provide an efficient and professional response to any incident that might occur," Gershon promised. He added that he could not foresee a need to evacuate communities in the North even if rocket attacks worsen. "There's no need to panic, just to obey the instructions of the Home Front Command. Stay close to the shelters and you will be okay."

Gershon told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday morning that the farthest point Katyushas had reached was Mahanayim, some 25 kilometers from the border. "The IDF is expanding and deepening its operations in Lebanon," he said. "This will not be over soon. We need to have patience and restraint to be able to achieve our goals."
Hezbollah’s range is now 25 miles inland and the IDF Home Front Command is warning, “This will not be over soon.”

What a change! For once, the US Administration and I are in agreement – the combined patronage of Iran and Syria are to blame. Of course, one should never discount the power of a strong belief in the rheotric of denial.

Debkafile is reporting that Iran’s National Security Adviser, Ali Larijani, flies to Damascus. Gee, I wonder why?

My heart bleeds for Lebanese people. I cannot imagine at worst fate than facing the wrath of the IDF and to be left standing on the wrong side of history - for the second time. The Cedar Revolution that began with the people and showed so much promise only to crushed by the errors of the past. That promise might have been faltering in recent months by the established politicos of the old guard but the Lebanese people had not given up on themselves.

I am an outsider looking in. If anything, the old guard of Lebanese politics must go. In fact, they have failed to learn the lessons of history and by their refusal to stand up and confront Hezbollah, have allowed Hezbollah to lead the Lebanese people back onto the frontline arena of war. How many times will you allow them to fail you? Cast them off before they kill all of you.

Hezbollah demands the loyalty of the Lebanese people to their cause, and yet, where is Hezbollah’s loyalty to the people of Lebanon? Who died and elected Nasrallah as leader of the Lebanese people? Hezbollah brought this war unto the heads of the Lebanese people and claims to act in your name while all the time scurrying for favour from Tehran and Damascus. And when you bury your dead - will he come to comfort those who mourn? While the joys of martyrdom may wait for Hezbollah members, most of the Lebanese I have ever known would prefer the living warmth of their earthly wives, mistresses, and girlfriends to the cold comforts offered by celestial graves. If the Lebanese do not shake off the yoke of Hezbollah, once and for all, Lebanon will never be able to take their rightful place as a free nation among free nations.

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Sue said...

Thanks for the roundup. Your blog has become the first place I'm looking in the morning now for insightful comments on this latest crisis.

I thought it was already scary times, but it seems to be just a wee bit more unnerving today.