Saturday, April 08, 2006

Into the Lexicon

I think it was three or more years since I first read bloggers describing Palestinians who were killed or injured in the act of assembling bombs as a “work related” accident. The phrase suited the often snarky undertone of the blogsphere. Now even the Jerusalem Post launches the phrase into the lexicon of main stream media discourse:
IDF forces located an explosives laboratory in the Abu Sneinah neighborhood in Hebron on Saturday morning. An explosion rocked the laboratory on Friday night, apparently as a result of a "work accident" in which three Palestinians unintentionally detonated an explosive device they were constructing in preparation for an attack on IDF forces in the city. The three Palestinians were wounded in the explosion and were evacuated to a hospital.

Security forces found several pipe bombs and other explosive devices in the laboratory, which was blown up by Border Police sappers later in the morning.

The really tragic circumstance is how apt the expression truly is.

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