Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Walking in the path of Arafat

The Bush Administration’s favourite Palestinian ‘moderate’ leader is following on the well-worn path of his more ‘extremist’ brethren. Jerusalem Post:
Palestinian Authority Preisdent Mahmoud Abbas said Monday he was not intending to step down from office when his term ends in January 2009, hinting also that he would run again for PA president in 2010.

"According to clause 34 of the Palestinian constitution, the elections for parliament and the presidency must take place concurrently," Abbas said. As Palestinian parliamentary elections are not due to take place before 2010, his statement indicates that he might remain in office until then.

"Every other step that would be made would be illegal," he told a local paper. "We have consulted six Egyptian legal experts and they all concurred that the elections must take place according to [Palestinian] law," he said. "I am ready for elections immediately. Today, tomorrow or even yesterday," he said.

Why step down or hold an election when one’s term ends? Especially, when one has the backing of the Egyptian legal beavers…

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