Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So tell me, how did that strategic voting thingie work out for you?

So the election is over and Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister. Well, well, and the Liberals are still beyond broke. Stephane Dion can continue leading his party into retreat in the House of Commons. It can be safely said that Dion is not without experience in that regard. Turncoat Bob managed to hold onto to his seat – geeze what a surprise - not.

So what was accomplished? Not much, the Tories are in a marginally stronger position. The Liberals are broke and are so far down the financial hole that daylight may not be an option for at least a generation. Elizabeth May lost her chance at the brass ring. Oh, and losing by over 5,000 votes is not a tight race. Although, I do find it mildly reassuring that the ‘Hezbollah’ vote does not resonate with Canadians. And Jack Layton, well the best which can be said is that he remains consistently both a loser and poser.

There will be another election in another 18-24 months and perhaps next time I will be spared the Harper=Bush mantra from Canadian progressives but somehow I doubt they can get that echo out of their chamber. To the voters in the Centre of the Universe who refused to get on board and remain in electoral purgatory; I would like to remind them that Macdonald’s in Alberta is still hiring.

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