Monday, October 13, 2008

Sheitel's for all occasions

Sarah Palin wigs are now being offered by wig manufacturer for Orthodox Jewish women at a cool price of US$795 reports Ha’aretz.
America's most controversial hockey mom has inspired a new item made for religious women that probably isn't sold up there in Alaska, gosh darn it!

The 'Sarah Palin Wig,' based on the hairstyle of the Last Frontier State governor and GOP vice presidential candidate, is the latest head covering to go on sale at, a Brooklyn wig shop and Web site for Orthodox Jewish women who maintain modesty by concealing their natural hair.

"One of our stylists thought it would make a good style, so we produced it," said Boruch Shlanger, one of's owners, in an e-mail to The Shmooze. "It is very easy to maintain, and is a very classic look, yet fashion forward!"
The imagery here is not necessarily working for me. Call it a failure of imagination or experience on my part, but I just never met a Chassidic woman who aspired to look like a moose-hunting hockey mom. The imagery further devolve:
'There had been requests for Hillary Clinton wigs in the past,' wrote Shlanger, who temporarily produced Clinton sheitls, 'but none recently.'
Oy vey.

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