Sunday, April 13, 2008

Welcome to the World

So what exactly do Zionist right wing wordmongers do when they are not busy spewing bile and spittle from their keyboards? Well, I can only speak for myself and the Last Amazon but we spent shifts from Monday to Thursday lending support to a little girl all grown-up while she struggle to bring forth this little Baby Cakes into the world. Baby Cakes came into the world Friday AM at 7lbs and 5 ounces. Nana, Momma and baby are all doing just fine.

Nana did tell me she had not realized she had given birth to a sailor until just before Baby Cakes’ immediate arrival. I pointed out – child birth usually makes sailors of us all.

Apparently, there is a name but I am holding out the mother will come to her senses before she takes pen to registration papers and hinders Baby Cakes with possibly one of the most horrendously appalling names known for girls in the English language. Barring that, I can always be the good aunt and help Baby Cakes fill in the forms and navigate a legal name change at 18. Until then, she is Baby Cakes to me.

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