Monday, April 28, 2008

the secret to teenage happiness

It never fails to amaze me how easily children or even teenagers are amused. You can buy all the fancy gadgets and the latest movies, music or clothes but there are far simpler things to do to make them happy.

This weekend I inadvertently hit on another ‘fun’ thing to do while out with Isaiah Sender. It was such a success that I tried it on Montana and the Last Amazon. Both of whom enjoyed it so much that I have a date with each of them for next week. Are you ready? I took them individually to our local park to watch the dogs in the ‘dog run’ while sitting on a park bench. This is the teenage equivalent of the baby choosing to play with the box over the toy which came out of the box. Besides, it has the upside of dog ownership without all the messy things like paper training, poop and scoop, vet bills or early am runs.

Of course, we talked about all kinds of things, but watching the dogs some how managed to break down the initial teenage barriers to having little chats with your parent. It was truly remarkable how much insight I got into each of their daily lives. I have always had a general idea of what their day looked without me but this was all about filling in the details and it made them happy.

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