Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Even the seniors are getting feisty

Due to a fraction split in the Pensioner's party the Olmert Coalition government has now fallen by 3 seats according to this Jerusalem Post report:
The Gil Pensioners party officially split in two on Monday when three of its MKs signed a form that informed the House Committee that from now on, they will be part of a separate faction called "Justice for Pensioners."

MKs Moshe Sharoni, Sarah Marom-Shalev and Elhanan Glazer signed the form, thus creating the new faction. MK Sharoni said that he was looking forward to beginning coalition negotiations with the government, in which he will demand raising of pensions, the cancellation of pension fund fees, and equalizing pensions for widows. Asked whether he thinks he would be in the coalition, Sharoni said "they can call me and we'll find out." Sharoni said that his party was not affiliated with billionaire Arkadi Gaydamak's Social Justice Party, but it might be in the future and negotiations with him are ongoing.

This means the Olmert Kadima coalition now holds only a 64 seat majority within the Knesset. All it would take to see this government fall is five votes.

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