Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things that make me go hmmmm….

Ha’aretz is report that the Emir of Qatar urges the Israeli Foreign Minister to lift the embargo on the Gaza Strip due to the difficult humanitarian situation. Meanwhile the Jerusalem Post is reporting this:
Hamas is planning to blow up the border with Egypt in Rafah for the second time, the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram reported Monday. The paper quoted "reliable Palestinian sources" as saying that Hamas activists were planning to fire mortar shells at Egyptian forces during the first stage of the operation. After that they intend to fire directly at the Egyptian troops, and ultimately destroy Egyptian battlements with explosives, some of them planted in tunnels beneath the guard posts. Meanwhile, the Hamas intends to breach the border with Egypt and allow the general populace to flood into the Sinai. The sources also told the paper that the organization had planted explosives along four kilometers of the border.
And lucky for Hamas, senior clerics in the Gaza Strip issued fatwas last Friday sanctioning the use of ‘live ammunition’ for the killing of Egyptian border guards.

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