Monday, April 14, 2008

give up the angst and never look back

The Globe and Mail has an article on a consumer movement to alleviate Microsoft XP angst rather than bite the bullet and make the switchover to Microsoft Vista as per Microsoft's business plan.

I thought I would wade in with my two cents – go Linux or go MAC. Being somewhat computer challenged, I took the easy way out and went MAC – I adore my six year old iBook and cannot conceive of a reason to ever willingly go back to a Microsoft environment – ever.


Chris Taylor said...

Unfortunately, if you want to play any decent PC games, or Microsoft's own Flight Sim, you are pretty well limited to living with XP (or enduring the horrors of Vista). No options there.

It's what keeps me out of the Mac world at home.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

There is an option - its called parallel.

Chris Taylor said...

I hear you... but both Parallels and Boot Camp are less than stellar when it comes to FSX graphics. I did look into it pretty thoroughly before the most recent upgrade. =) Boot Camp would be okay for FS9 though.