Friday, February 17, 2006

Where's the cheese at?

So what’s up with France? A few weeks ago we had French president Jacques Chirac issuing a statement that France would not hesitate to retaliate with its nuclear arsenal against any country if state sponsored terrorism harmed French interests. Today we have the French Foreign Minister accusing Iran of covertly using its nuclear program to make weapons according to this Globe and Mail report:
Paris — France accused Iran on Thursday of secretly making nuclear weapons, ditching Europe's traditional diplomatic caution for bluntness that echoed the tough U.S. stance and reflected growing exasperation with Tehran.

Iran quickly denied the allegation by French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, who hardened the line that European negotiators had previously taken in their efforts to persuade Iran to suspend nuclear activities.

“No civilian nuclear program can explain the Iranian nuclear program. It is a clandestine military nuclear program,” Mr. Douste-Blazy said on France-2 television.
“The international community has sent a very firm message in telling the Iranians to return to reason and suspend all nuclear activity and the enrichment and conversion of uranium, but they aren't listening to us.”

Did the Iranians stiff the French on a bill because this is sounding definitely uncheesy.

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