Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hamas: Satanic US Money

There are times when I believe that you should take people at their word and concede to their stated desire. YnetNews Online carries this report.
A leader of the Palestinian terror group Hamas vowed Monday not to bow to American threats to cut aid, saying the movement did not need “satanic” U.S. money.

Mahmoud al-Zahar also addressed Hamas’ much-anticipated social and economic agenda, saying the group intended to fight corruption, eliminate the “tourism of nudity” and use education to promote a culture of resistance. But, aware of the political realities in the Palestinian territories, al-Zahar said Hamas had no intention to force Islam on Palestinians or to settle scores with its rivals.

“Those who built their structure on the basis of the Quran...Cannot budge because of promises from America or a dollar from Europe,” al-Zahar told a Cairo conference. “I wish America would cut off its aid. We do not need this satanic money,” he said.
All right then. Give the people what they want. Taxpayers all over the the West will thank you.

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