Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cry, my beloved country.

In the interest of rolling in the mire of free speech that is available in the blogsphere which some find far too heedy, I would like to direct your attention to this posting from Sean at Polspy. Sums up my feelings entirely.

For those who prefer a little MSM content here’s an excerpt fromDavid Warren’s latest column:
From the lips of the lovely Belinda Stronach, Canada received her Judas kiss yesterday. It allowed a bottomlessly corrupt government to escape an election; to continue in office with an agenda that will tear to pieces what remains of our social fabric; which will radically advance the cause of separatism in Quebec, and spread it irretrievably to Western Canada; which will put the country on the fiscal skids. This should not be understated: our country has been delivered into the hands of the wreckers.

I am writing this column now because I do not believe I could persuade my editor to run the space blank. That would most eloquently approximate to what I thought at precisely 11:11 a.m., yesterday, when the news reached me. In a single image, I took in the final betrayal of Canada -- those two smiling faces.

On Saturday, I wrote that last week had been the most disgraceful in our Parliamentary history: the first time a government had ever refused to acknowledge that it had lost the confidence of the House of Commons. Nor can I find a precedent, in Canadian political history, for the act which the ditzy Ms Stronach so glibly performed.

Over the weekend, Paul Martin suckered (the word is not too strong) Stephen Harper into a Parliamentary “truce”, while Ms Stronach unsheathed the knife for Mr. Harper’s back. She had only waited for the opportunity to be presented; to get the timing just right.

Yet the sight of Ms Stronach and Paul Martin smiling for the camera could not come as a complete surprise -- any more to me than it should have come to Ms Stronach’s recent lover, her fellow Conservative frontbencher, Peter MacKay. He has also been stabbed in her trip across the floor. In personal terms, Mr. MacKay learned too late what kind of woman she is.

David Warren ends his column with a quote that I find particularly apt given the circumstances:
Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,” as Doctor Johnson said, and we are reaping what true scoundrels have sown.

Alas, only too true.

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james said...

Very true, a very sad day for Canadian democracy... Why aren't Canadians seeing this for what it is? A craven buying off of a polititian, influence peddling! Right in front of our very eyes no less!!