Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mr. Dithers, spare me your “I am not a crook moment.”

I have been following the Gomery Inquiry but I haven’t blogged much about it. I find it hard to elicit the requisite anger or passion over it. I have long intuited that the Liberals were thieves, liars, crooks and frauds. So my worse estimate of their collective character turns out to be right. The innate problem with being right is that just isn’t any satisfaction in it. I’d rather have eaten my words and thoughts than be kept short in the wallet for years by their malfeasance. Not to mention that the cost of the Gomery Inquiry is the gift that keeps on costing. The price of truth is getting longer than a serpent’s tooth. Trust a liberal to spend as much or more than the original dollar value of the fraud it is busy investigating.

Adscam only represents one Liberal run government program. If this is how the Liberals ran the sponsorship program in Quebec; what’s to say that all the other liberal government programs in Quebec and the rest of the country are not run the same way? Think GUN REGISTRY or STRIPPERGATE for starters. Adscam is only where they got caught holding the smoking gun - not evidence of innocence.

So according to this CTV article Mr. Dither’s will address the nation tomorrow night. There is a great deal of speculation in the blogsphere on what he wishes to say when he addresses the nation. According to this CTV article;
With all signs pointing to the Liberal minority government's defeat sometime in May, Prime Minister Paul Martin is set to address the nation Thursday night to discuss the sponsorship program and the paralysis in Parliament.

The address will air at 7:45 pm ET on CTV Newsnet.

Such a broadcast is rare, but with the opposition blocking the Liberal legislative agenda, Martin is taking a chance at explaining the current political situation to Canadians directly. PMO aides are making it clear that Martin is not planning to resign, nor is he planning to call an election himself.

So what is there left to say?

I am not a crook. I didn’t steal your money, the other guys did.

I am a brave, courageous honourable leader because I called for an official inquiry.

I am determined to spend as much money as it is humanly possible to spend on the investigation into Liberal fraud and theft in Adscam.

Do not make any judgments or conclusions until you have heard every piece of evidence from every Liberal crook and their mother.

Let Justice Gomery make your judgments and conclusions for you.

And most importantly, Tories are bad evil people with a hidden agenda - who want to steal even more of your money than we have.

Now you don’t have to watch Mr. Dithers attempt his George Bush State of the Union moment with the Nixon overtures that are sure to be included. I figure I will be better off reading about it after on Neale News.

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