Friday, April 22, 2005

Inspite of all my intentions and resolutions; I couldn’t help myself

I watched Mr. Dithers. Now I admit that I wildly partisan - probably because I can remember that today I am not as free as I was 30 years ago and there is less change in my pocket than there was. I have considerably life experience in dealing with people who are sociopaths. Most people lack that kind of experience and because of that can’t see beyond the delivery of the rhetoric.

Was he effective? I’d bet the Friday donuts that he was. I was flicking around the dial after his speech and the watching the interviews and listening to the emails read out loud on the various networks. My conclusion was that the typical Ontarian will give him kudos and high marks for stating the obvious and delivering it with obvious sincerity. I was second in charge and I should have done better. It is all my fault and I am doing my best to see that things are made right. Furthermore, if you wait till Justice Gomery presents his report I will call an election. It all sounds so reasonable and civilized doesn’t it?

Will that work? Canadians are neither naturally politicos or idealistic. We tend to take people at their word rather than judging them by their actions. I think the most common phrase in Canada is that “he means well.” That excuses all. We are afraid to reach for the stars or demand better because if we do; we might fail. Failure is painful and Canadians (inspite of our health care) cannot as a nation endure pain anymore. Americans on all sides of the political divide were outraged by Watergate. No one during the Watergate era would have uttered the phrase “he means well” or “he says, he is really, really sorry”. Americans believe in ideals and are outraged when a politician is caught gorging themselves at the public purse. Canadians believe all politicians feed at the public trough. We expect them too. We just don’t like it when they have the bad form to get caught. But if they do, just say you are sorry, and promise to do better next time. Think I am wrong – what’s Svend doing? Certainly not time. Canadians believe in compromise and not judging until you walk a mile in the perpetrator’s shoes.

I am probably one of the few that feels insulted when Mr. Dither’s implied that because I have not sat in the court for every minute and every day of the Gomery Inquiry, furthermore, even if I had; I cannot make a valid judgment on the evidence that has been presented. Wait for judgment to be pronounced from on high and once the higher being among us has issued his report then we will know what to think.

Here’s the bottom line. When Mr. Dithers’ was second in command Adscam was allowed to grow and grow all throughout his watch. According to him, he was utterly clueless as to what was going on under his nose. Nothing has changed since his watch except that instead of being second in command; he is the number one in charge. Adscam is only one Liberal run government program where the Liberals got caught with their pants down and their hands in the cookie jar. I am convinced there are many, many more but until there is a thorough house cleaning no one will know if I am right or not. Corruption on this massive scale does not happen in a vacuum. Think gun registry or strippergate. Adscam is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

I am not about to officially join the Conservative Party or the Blogging Tories inspite of my obvious leanings. But I would urge everyone who reads this and who believes that Canada deserves better to go here and donate whatever you can.

From where I stand, I suddenly feel very sympathetic to Quebec and Western separatists. What I want to know is; will they take me in when they leave? I promise to pay my own way, all the time and every day.

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