Monday, November 29, 2004

What would you call "Bad Faith"?

The ongoing negotiations with the Mullahs by England, Germany & France has my head spinning. The Mullah’s wouldn’t deal, then they would, then they wouldn’t, then they would, then they issue their demands, then the demands are rescinded, then the agreement is signed, then they issue new demands, then they back down, then they go ahead anyway with their on-going nuclear enrichment program, then they issue demands, then they rescind them.

According to this Jerusalem Post article the Iranians are going to enrichment at least 20 centrifuges.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said Tehran was not worried about the threat of UN sanctions - a possible outcome if the deal falls through - telling reporters "referral to the UN Security Council would not be the end of the world."
"The issue of research and development is separate from discussions about suspension," Asefi said at a press conference. "We always had research and development in the past and we will continue that in the future. We will use the 20 centrifuges for research."

Iran insists using the 20 centrifuges purely for research is not banned by a Nov. 7 agreement worked out with Germany, France and Britain on behalf of the European Union to suspend all uranium enrichment and related activities. The European Union disagrees.

Today the Globe and Mail is reporting that the Mullahs have backed down just before the matter was referred to the UN Security Council – which should be a good thing, right?
Backing down before a Monday deadline, Iran apparently has given up its demand to exempt some equipment from a deal freezing uranium enrichment programs that can make nuclear weapons, diplomats said Sunday.

Diplomats from the European Union and elsewhere said on condition of anonymity that the International Atomic Energy Agency received a letter from Iran containing a pledge not to test some centrifuges during the freeze it agreed to Nov. 7 during negotiations with Britain, France and Germany on behalf of the European Union.
Except buried near the end of this article is this line:
The diplomats told The Associated Press on Sunday that the letter still needed close examination to determine what exactly the Iranians had agreed to.
Let me get this straight. The Mullah’s sent a letter late Sunday night to the IAEA saying – well, that’s just it, no one really knows what the letter says because the IAEA has to study the letter to understand what the Mullah’s intentions are.

Based on the Mullah’s track record I would cite this as just another example of "Bad Faith" in action. Are you prepared to believe that the Mullahs will live up to the letter - let alone the spirit of any agreement signed with our Eurporean allies?

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