Monday, November 15, 2004

Failed bid by 2,000 Marines to take Fallujah

This is how urban myths are created:

The Globe and Mail (dead tree version), November 15, 2004, page A14,
by Barrie McKenna, Washington
By-line reads: Cleanup begins after bloody assault on Fallujah

U.S. military commanders were clearly pleased that the operation had gone more smoothly than a failed bid by 2,000 marines in April to take back the city from its insurgent defenders.

Surely, the Canadian newspaper that wants to be known as the Paper of Record for Canada can do a better job than this. The Marines never failed to take Fallujah in April 2004 because the Marines were never allowed to launch a full-scale assault on Fallujah until November 2004.

If there is a fault to be assigned for Fallujah not being liberated sooner from insurgent control the responsibility for that fault lies with the civilian authority-not the with USMC. The marines were more than ready, willing and able to take back Fallujah in April – all they were lacking was the order to unleash their might.

Furthermore, I would not characterize insurgents as "defenders" unless I was routing for the jihadist’s who keep the slaughterhouses filled.

(Tipped off by Montana, Marine Observer)


Curt said...

The slop and pail isn't fit to wrap fish. Hasn't been for some time. Since about the time Bell Media picked it up, come to think about it. Bring back the Thompsons!

Andrew said...

The Grope & Flail lost my business back when they butchered the Canadian election. Don't expect unbiased, or even fully thought out, ideas from them.

Babbling Brooks said...

Keep keeping them honest, Kate. You're right, they'll continue to spout their revisionist garbage unless the rest of us hold fast to the truth.

And btw, I can't believe you fell asleep watching The Incredibles! Please tell me you're narcoleptic.

Kateland, aka TZH said...

It is a defense mechanism - after you have done 14 years of mind-dulling cartoon movies your body automatically goes to sleep after 40 minutes - I enjoyed what I saw of the Incredibles but, not enough to keep awake thru the whole thing. - This is the unintended consequence of watching years of Pokeyman, Rug Rats and a whole host of others.