Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Days

For all those who doubt the existence of a divine benevolent force in the universe; I offer this proof taken from the Edmonton Sun:
TORONTO -- By a vote of 87%, members of the Canadian Media Guild have given their negotiators a strike mandate to take back to their ongoing talks with the CBC. The union says 67% of its 5,500 members took part in the vote over the past few days. A strike could cripple the public broadcaster by mid-August.

"A minor miracle that we got over two-thirds of our members out to vote right in the middle of July," Arnold Amber, president of the CBC branch of the guild, said yesterday. "And a major miracle when you get to the point that 87.3% of them reject the corporation's vision of what the CBC should be all about." The union members were asked to send a strong message to management "that you back your guild bargaining committee against the corporation's regressive positions."

So if the CBC staff finally make good on something: how long can this good fortune last? Can we all get a tax refund if the strike lasts longer than 30 days?

(tipped off by Neale News)

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