Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Shape of Tax to Come

The duh factor courtesy of the Telegraph:

Sweden's parliament will open debate today on the Left Party proposal, which follows an Amnesty International report this year which found that violence against women increased almost 40 per cent during the 1990s and that 20 to 40 women are battered to death in Sweden each year.

"It must be clear to all we have a gigantic social problem and cost in men's violence towards women and we must discuss how we are going to pay for it," said Gudrun Schyman, the party's former leader, and one of several female MPs who have signed the motion.

"We have to have a discussion so that men understand that they have a collective financial responsibility," she added.

The Left Party says the idea of men collectively paying for the social costs of violence towards women is no different in principle than the fact that poor people pay less tax than rich people.

I suppose that it was only a question of time before this kind of a tax was introduced somewhere and once again, Sweden is leading the way. I can only hope that Jack Layton (who never met a tax he could not support) never learns of this asinine idea.

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Alan said...

Sweden is ripe for the rise of a racist fascist ideology.